Organizing a Cupboard of Precious Clutter.

Jalatamelon’s way of organizing the cupboard.

As usual, all of us keep our clothes neatly stacked on eachother, but a week later, we end up in a big pile of precious mess. Although I’m absolutely and 100% sure that I’m definitely no clean freak, but sometimes keeping things organized helps you immensely. So rather than ignoring my huge mountain of every clothe you can think of, and my nighties and school uniforms stacked like chunks of meat on a stick, and my headbands thrown into a cubicle like hoops and frisbee’s, I decided to arrange them in the coolest and easiest way to get them out and get them back in. During the three day journey of my hard work put into arranging my cupboard, I realized some easy ways to make it look and be tidy and efficient, in my own way. So here are a few T.I.P.S for arranging your cupboard, hope they help! Continue reading “Organizing a Cupboard of Precious Clutter.”