Winter Wonderland.

Paper snowflakes studded the ‘Seasonal Favorites’ section in the library. The grass on the football field seemed more cold than usual, icy pricks that poked my bottom every time I sat on them. The taps gushed out ice cold water, while the morning seemed misty and cool. It was a Winter I yearned for months. Of course I’ve never experienced snow, or a hailstorm, which occurred once or twice in my absence. The sunlight was perfectly ‘lit’ and it just started to feel like winter.

Hi Lovelies, term break’s just started, and I’ve got a feeling its going to be a good winter. And here’s what you’ve got to do,which would certainly execute the term ‘Winterspiration”.

Winter “To-do list”

1.Drink lots of Hot Chocolate. ^_^

2.Make your room a Winter Wonderland.[which would include fairy lights and snowflakes].

3.Read “Let it Snow” by John Green. 😉

4.Jump in the pool.[don’t kill yourself]

5.Change your style, completely. [your hair/ hijabstyle, your outfits, and everything else]

6.Light scented candles. [A spice scented one would be nice]

7.Eat Potatoes.

8.Read Quran to keep you warm.

9. Watch  Disney Channel Original Movies with your besties. ❤


11. Study till your brains reach the ‘Freezing Point’

12.Start writing a book. Even better, write in your diary, or start writing in one.

13.Create a Blog [Heyyy!]

14.Do some crazy Workouts.

15. Take a Hot Bubble Bath. [With Cherry Scented Bubble bath Liquid..thingy]

“A beautiful sight,
We’re happy tonight,
Walking in a winter wonderland.”


JalataMelon ❤