The tall, flaxen-haired lord brought colour to Victoria’s cheeks – not to mention a flutter to her pulse. He was so handsome. What girl would not blush? And he was flirting with her!

As a young preteen, I often found myself sticking my tongue out at seeing books about love. Not that I am still quite alright with it. But growing up, my interest for reading books by Meg Cabot increased immensely, since my sister had a huge collection of her books, and specially after watching The Princess Diaries ( You have got to admit it, it’s one of the reasons why we teens fantasize about waking up as a princess one day), so a month ago, my sister and I were discussing about what books I should start reading, and she gave me a book, ” It’s called Victoria and the Rogue”, she said, “I’m sure you’ll love it”.

I few weeks later, I found myself addicted to the book. I stayed up till 1 AM trying to figure out whether  Lady Victoria Arbuthnot fancied her Fiance Hugo Rothschild who Jacob Carstairs, another handsome young man, who had his collars positioned extremely annoyingly low, considered him as a rogue, or maybe, just maybe, she has a chance of falling in love with Mr Carstairs himself, since, her cousin Becky told her Jacob must definitely fancy her. Does he?. But then again the moonlit proposal from Hugo Rothschild, the man of her dreams, did show his immense love for her didn’t it? Thanks Meg, you made me stay up beyond midnight even during School nights. It’s extremely thrilling and exciting I must admit, and also quite humorous, not to mention exceptionally flattering and it has the most romantic plot twist ever.

To all those fourteen year old’s who are just about to begin reading Meg Cabot’s Victoria And The Rogue, you will definitely love Victoria, and will be smitten by Jacob Carstairs.

-Lady JalataMelon.