Summer Favorites.

Scorching heat, everlasting sunshine, mangoes and lemonade. Light dresses, even lighter nail lacquer, and short hair.

Hi lovelies, we’re on our way to summer, but before that, I’ve encountered some precious essentials that became my favorites. April favorites perhaps? But they’ll surely help me in May, and June. *Sigh*, from golden beauty products to smoothies and slush, comfortable wearables to Meg Cabot recommendations. This post has it all.


One of my current obsessions is Liquid Lip Color. I chose the Coloressence Baby Pink Liquid Lip Color, with the faintest most delicate pink, perfect for the season. Made of natural oils, it’s everlasting effect keeps your lips Hydrated and Healthy, and Not too Glossy.

photo 2 (1)

Light Nail Lacquer is perfect for the Summer. Light Blues and Coral Pinks are my go to colors for the season. No Brand really, just the colors.


Apart from braids and fancy updo’s, your luscious locks ought to get greasy in a while, Summer’s the season to sweat, but with the VO5 Refresh Me Quick Dry Shampoo, you ought to have great smelling hair, not to mention they’ll be slightly less Greasy.

Hair Shampoo

I like to wear perfume when I go out, and for the past three years, well, Marks’ Jasmine Infusion Perfume has never failed to please me. Perfect to wear on a Summer Night.


Healthy Cravings

A spritz of Lemon, A slush of Ice cubes, and a handful of Mint Leaves. My Lemon Detox in a Jar.

photo 1 (1)

Pulpy, Fresh and Handmade. The Classic Mango Smoothie. All you need is a fresh Mango, a dash of Milk, and a Mini Jar.


The Melons.

Why Watermelons and Muskmelons are a must, I ate them all, so none could pose for a picture.

Meg Cabot

If you haven’t read my post on my first Meg Cabot Book, you must read it, you’ll realize that I’ll probably recommend this book for the Summer, it’s short, has exquisite Vocabulary, and a hilarious romantic plot twist.


Another one of her books, based in a Summery location, California, is Meg Cabot’s Mediator Series, I’m currently on the second Book, let me tell you one thing, Do not Judge This Book By It’s Cover.


I will be posting part 2 of this Blog Post very soon

Until Then Lovelies,

I hope you survive the Summer.