Another Bunch Of Favorites.

After my Summer Favorites Post, I decided to do another *favorites* post yet again. My poetic introduction to my Summer Favorites was quite liked. However here, I decided to introduce my post rather differently.

I was cleaning my cupboard, and speaking to myself about what I liked this Summer, apart from pretending to be a vlogger, I realized that scavenging through my cupboard helped find quite some crucial and essential beauty products for the season.

Yes, beauty products, not that I am much of a beauty guru, this, is a 15 year old’s selection of beauty favorites for Summer.

The Kimono.

As a person who dresses for comfort and style, Floral Printed and Tasseled Kimono‘s are perfect to wear during your vacation. Their Lightweight, you can definitely jump around, not to mention are quite comfortable to wear during those Hot Summer Days.

Flowy And Long.

Long dresses and Flowy skirts are just incredibly comfortable, not to mention the traditionally inspired long skirts made in different countries are exceptionally nice. Pastel colors, as I had recommended in my previous post, are quite nice to wear in Summer.

Smart Wearables.

Silver Bangles and braided bracelets.


I haven’t worn Silver bangles, but my sister hugely inspired me to recommend them. Braiding pieces of thread to make a hippie bracelet set would be perfect to wear out on the streets and definitely on the beach.

A Deep Blue Watch.

I just started wearing watches recently, you should too. This one is quite smart and lies in the middle of Formal and Casual.

Lip Care.

photo 4

A simple lip balm for Hydrated and healthy Lips.

Lip Butter.

I was gifted the NIP FAB LIP BUTTER SET, flavored in cool Mint, Rose, and Berry. They have a tint of color and are very moisturizing and nice to wear.

Body Mist.

Yes, my cupboard does contain a lot of *stuff*, including Claire’s Glitter Body Mist and the PINK WITH A SPLASH sunny and happy all over body mist.



My sister gave me these light colored Floral peep-toed shoes a while ago. They remind me of Tinker Bell. Also, they’re from Dorothy Perkins. 


Beige Shoes.

photo 2

The color Beige compliments any skin tone really, Beige scarves, Beige shirts, Beige Pants. These, are Beige Shoes.

I will be back. Very Soon.

Until Then..

Enjoy reading some of my other posts 🙂