Starry Pyjamas.

I woke up to a million eyes staring at me, a few lovingly, a few scared, and a few confused.

The dragon slithered in the room, he cackled.”I’ll help” he said, and grabbed me by my starry pyjamas and dropped me in the middle of a forest. A silent, eerie forest. I shut the book. Eragon I thought and sighed. “You’ve been bitten by a parasite”  I was told. “Is it the striped one or the normal one?’ I couldn’t help but ask. “You will stay here for a while, just until you get better”. I sighed, out of relief and of irritation. I would get help, but I would be bored, but my pain was unbearable. I thought of how ungrateful I have been, how a cramp can reduce me to tears while there are others suffering in worse ways.

Nevertheless, I knew my essentials. I grabbed my liquid potion, water. Clear, relieving,kind. A water bottle. You require one.

The night had been long, too many needles had touched my skin, my body was tired. I needed to rest, my stomach hurt the most, and so it was told.

I woke up, my neck slightly twisted, my eyes droopy. I felt funny, I felt queasy. The atmosphere was different, I found a parchment that helped me find out more. A parchment you will need terribly if you find yourself in a location unknown.

My lungs were filled with the cool air blown by machines. The gust of wind hitting the shut windows by my bed annoyed me, I decided I’d escape from the hospital for a while, and meet the million dragonflies waiting by the window to see me.

The dragon nudged me from underneath the bed again, I couldn’t help but enjoy the friendliness of the women who helped me, even though they poked me, and took blood out of me a numerous times. Ironically, they took out the blood gently. Let me tell you one thing. A definite essential is Chicken Soup and Confidence, no, not the book, actual Chicken Soup.

And lastly, Starry Pyjamas.