Dear Society.

Dear Society,

I apologize for never being able to please you.

Actually, I don’t.

But no, I am not completely against you.

Because I am a part of you.

But this is why sometimes, I feel that we can never be alike.

Dear Society,

You taught me the difference between Fantasies and Reality.

A Fantasy, that one day the world will make Peace,

The Reality, you will never stop having enemies.

Dear Society,

You’ve made me realize who is in Power,

The media, spying on us from tall towers.

You love them sometimes, and at other times you loathe

Their attitude towards your beliefs and the word Hope.

Dear Society,

You have turned me into a Rebellious Teen,

Trying to understand what Open Minded means

To drown my beliefs, and accept your ideology

Of What is Freedom, What is Equality.

Dear Society,

How much can I say?

Will it change your perspective, definitely, Nay.

But I Thank you, dear Society

For helping me understand,

Your levels of Superiority, and

Where I Stand.







Cacao was more precious than Liquid Gold to the Aztecs. I stared at the empty mug, filled with Hot Chocolate I indulged in not less than 10 minutes ago. The weather, has become slightly Chilly,and my consumption of Chocolate has increased. A Poison that I have been addicted to for years. Not poison, really, but it just sounds so interesting when you say Poison. I remember having a dream of finding a Cacao Pod that lead to a secret Cacao Plantation Room Underground beneath my Sports Field in School. Thank you, Pseudonymous Bosch.

My ever increasing love for Chocolate is undying and true. Yes, a slightly cliche statement I must admit, but I do love the raw, natural bitter Cacao. I even found cacao beans in the cupboard in the Kitchen.

My selection of Burnt Sienna’s (apparently a thesaurus for chocolate) comes from my fridge, anonymously filled constantly with chocolates either sent from my father or beloved friends, or perhaps hot chocolate tins that my sister brought from her trip to London, or my everyday drinking chocolate.

Here it is, my selection of Chocolates, slightly leaning towards the Weather.



5.The description speaks for itself.

photo 2 (2)

4.God Bless Cadbury.


3.Praline Flavoured White Hot Chocolate.

photo 1 (2)

2.They don’t have much chilly, but they are deliciously dark.

photo 3 (1)

1.Mint sticks. Perfect with Peppermint Tea.

photo 5 (1)

I’d like to know your selections for this season as well.

Comment below.