1.Oh, What did you do? *There are no Rules in Art*

Hello Everyone,

So as part of my Summer Blogger Challenge, I’ve decided to take on writing 25 posts before the end of August. This, is my first post.

A few days ago, my three little nephews came over while we had a small food party, in  my culture, food party’s are very important, and as it is a special month, they are quite common. I fell asleep at around 5pm, and woke up to a cool evening of rain and the smell of delicious food. I went to the dining table only to find my cousin and  his children running around and squealing with laughter, they met me with enthusiastic excitement (knowing that I’m the secret Batman of the city).

They walked into my room and their eyes grew with excitement at the sight of my easel, which I hadn’t used for very long, what made them even more excited, was a big, blank canvas waiting to be filled with imagination, sitting on my easel.

photo 3

“Can we colour?” my oldest nephew asked me, he’s 5 years old.

I agreed of course, and gave him and his brother a big box and said,”I present to you The big box of INCREDIBLE THINGS”, and it was hilariously adorable how their eyes widened with a loud WOAHH and opened it to peak inside.

“Oh My God” he said, and took out a fancy looking pen, I told him it was a magic invisible pen, which it actually was, And made him draw with it, and then switch on the tiny light in the cap to see what he drew. He was so amazed.

But what really amazed me was, how he didn’t just draw a big scenery with green trees and red cars, he drew whatever he wanted to, and he used oil pastels and felt tips and pens. He didn’t care about the fact that this canvas was specifically for oil and acrylic, and he didn’t even care about the fact that he drew a million pictures from different figments of his imagination that didn’t necessarily look like what they do in real life. He mixed all the medias and things he used to colour, and just went ahead, without any hesitation.

He broke all the rules I made for myself.

My 5 and 3  year old nephews just taught me how Art doesn’t have any boundaries.

photo 2 (1)

Even better, I learnt how incredibly well oil pastels work on canvas.

And thus I learnt, that the boundaries I made for myself in my artsy world, needed to be crossed, so I could explore my inner thoughts and ideas more.

And that I should probably take a few more art classes from my nephews.

Then I found myself doing my first ever mixed media, and it made my artsy skills discover my potential in being able to express everything and anything when I use all kinds of media, and draw and paint whatever I want.

photo 4


And then I found myself colouring at 12 AM in a colouring book my cousin gifted me.

photo 2

Also, I began mixing different medias, This one is an acrylic dust with linseed oil.

photo 3 (1)

This, was one of my biggest discoveries this Summer.

That there are no rules in Art.

All thanks to my nephews.




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