So who are you?


So who are you?

Hiding under my roof under my protection

Layers on your soul that go beyond your skin

Ripping out each and every emotion from within

Telling me your love for me is genuine?

So who are you?

Someone who’s been traumatized and disrespected

Or so you told me

And i gave you my undying company

And i prayed for you

and I will pray for you

because I don’t know you,

Other than the words from your mouth and your facial expressions

I don’t know anything about you

I thought I did

but now I don’t

What a depressing irony

Because if I counted the hours we spent and what those meant

It felt real.

But I don’t know anymore, do I?

It’s vague and blurred

and we’re confused and hurt

So I pray for you

I will pray for you

But don’t ever meet me again.




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