2.Summer Blues. #OOTD *The struggles of taking GIF’s*

Hello Everyone,

I hope your Summer is going quite well.

Today I decided to do my very first post on an Outfit of the Day. Because the first time ever in my life my sister’s camera captured the perfect GIF and a perfect picture. And because I’ve always wanted to do a Summer OOTD.

And why on earth is it so hard to upload a GIF on instagram? I had to download an app called Boomerang, but sadly it wasn’t as good enough as this GIF, not to mention it took my sister several takes to get this GIF just right.

Neverthless, here it is.

20160710_141551 (1).gif

We woke up late and went out for a nice Sunday Breakfast at a local restaurant, and I seemed to casually dress myself in my favourite top along with the extremely unique gold metal and pink braided sandal straps (atmosphere).


Along with a mint scarf and gold bangles.

The weather was a bit chilly.

I like smart  but comfortable clothing, to mention my favourite colours for tops are usually shades of grey and blue. Also, I don’t like wearing too skinny jeans, I don’t like to suffocate to look good.


Also, loose and light tops just make the outfit more comfortable and quite classy.

Have a great Summer.

And to all those posting on the #SummerBloggerChallenge, thankyou so much 🙂 I will reblog my favourite of your posts by the Beginning of September.

Happy Blogging.



Summer Detox.

With the predicted highest temperature for summer going up to 49 degrees Celsius, and constant sunburns and increasing oily skin, Summer may not always be everyone’s cup of Tea. However, to prepare  yourself and myself mentally and physically, is essential, here are a few of my ways to detox your body and mind during the scorching heat of summer.

Buzzfeed Tasty’s Chicken Caesar Salad.

3 years ago the word Salad was never found in my food dictionary, however, thanks to my mum and subway (shh..it’s *healthy* fast food) I’ve discovered some incredible combinations for a perfect salad. Home made salads are a perfect meal for those hot summer days, keeping your body healthy and fit, and detoxing yourself from all that oily food. Here is one Salad that I have a serious relationship with, thankyou Buzzfeed.

The result….


(I added some extra cheese.)

Vitamin Water.

photo (1).JPG

Constantly tired of being nagged to drink water? Well honestly, water is necessary, but when you feel like having a slightly flavoured drink, Beltek’s WILD Vitamin water is really good, it’s mild flavour is really refreshing and perfect to drink after doing some sports and yoga.

The Natural Face Mask


Four Ingredients: Yogurt, Lemon, Cinnamon and Honey, and your face will glow like never before. This natural 5 minute face pack or two minute scrub clears your clogged pores and oily skin that makes your face feel fresh and healthy.

Light Fabric.


Most preferably cotton, light coloured and loose, breathable clothing is the best wearable for summer. It allows your skin to breathe, and protects it from the intense summer heat.

Sports and Yoga


If your sweating, make sure its because of the body heat due to your early morning walk in the park or the street or because of your yoga workouts. Honestly doing something strenuous really helps my mind and body gain mental empowerment and physical strength. Meditating, in fact, helps me persuade my mind to believe that the temperature is not too hot and saves me from sweating too much or feeling uncomfortable. Sweating during these workouts actually cleans your skin and gives it that refreshing glow.

Go for a swim

If I lived by a beach, I would go for a swim every.single.day. One of the best ways to have fun and mentally destress yourself is through swimming, just go for a swim.

(I dont really have a picture because my pool is empty due to the water shortage but this might just tempt you into swimming…)

Swimming Pool.jpg

And Lastly, drink lots of water, this is really important, water keeps you hydrated, refreshed, healthy, strong, beautiful, and breathing, so make sure you drink more than ten glasses a day.

Have a lovely Summer,





Miss World.

She was destined to become the next Miss World.

It only required her to be a bit less herself, and a bit more, common.

She was in desperate need of advice, to reach the finals.

‘You were Chosen, You are Destined,

Your hair sweeps the world off their feet, and your eyes remind them of the deep blue sea, Do not eat, your size will dramatically increase. Walk in heels until your feet bleed, and change your accent, so that you may blend in. Reveal your outer beauty, and destroy your inner beauty. Shade your skin as gold as possible and redefine your cheekbones until they reach their peaks. Your dress should not exceed an inch below you knee, laugh, but laugh consciously. Remember, your race is superior and your body is ideal.No other woman is considered surreal,

until she hears her body scream.’




Another Bunch Of Favorites.

After my Summer Favorites Post, I decided to do another *favorites* post yet again. My poetic introduction to my Summer Favorites was quite liked. However here, I decided to introduce my post rather differently.

I was cleaning my cupboard, and speaking to myself about what I liked this Summer, apart from pretending to be a vlogger, I realized that scavenging through my cupboard helped find quite some crucial and essential beauty products for the season.

Yes, beauty products, not that I am much of a beauty guru, this, is a 15 year old’s selection of beauty favorites for Summer.

The Kimono.

As a person who dresses for comfort and style, Floral Printed and Tasseled Kimono‘s are perfect to wear during your vacation. Their Lightweight, you can definitely jump around, not to mention are quite comfortable to wear during those Hot Summer Days.

Flowy And Long.

Long dresses and Flowy skirts are just incredibly comfortable, not to mention the traditionally inspired long skirts made in different countries are exceptionally nice. Pastel colors, as I had recommended in my previous post, are quite nice to wear in Summer.

Smart Wearables.

Silver Bangles and braided bracelets.


I haven’t worn Silver bangles, but my sister hugely inspired me to recommend them. Braiding pieces of thread to make a hippie bracelet set would be perfect to wear out on the streets and definitely on the beach.

A Deep Blue Watch.

I just started wearing watches recently, you should too. This one is quite smart and lies in the middle of Formal and Casual.

Lip Care.

photo 4

A simple lip balm for Hydrated and healthy Lips.

Lip Butter.

I was gifted the NIP FAB LIP BUTTER SET, flavored in cool Mint, Rose, and Berry. They have a tint of color and are very moisturizing and nice to wear.

Body Mist.

Yes, my cupboard does contain a lot of *stuff*, including Claire’s Glitter Body Mist and the PINK WITH A SPLASH sunny and happy all over body mist.



My sister gave me these light colored Floral peep-toed shoes a while ago. They remind me of Tinker Bell. Also, they’re from Dorothy Perkins. 


Beige Shoes.

photo 2

The color Beige compliments any skin tone really, Beige scarves, Beige shirts, Beige Pants. These, are Beige Shoes.

I will be back. Very Soon.

Until Then..

Enjoy reading some of my other posts 🙂





Summer Favorites.

Scorching heat, everlasting sunshine, mangoes and lemonade. Light dresses, even lighter nail lacquer, and short hair.

Hi lovelies, we’re on our way to summer, but before that, I’ve encountered some precious essentials that became my favorites. April favorites perhaps? But they’ll surely help me in May, and June. *Sigh*, from golden beauty products to smoothies and slush, comfortable wearables to Meg Cabot recommendations. This post has it all.


One of my current obsessions is Liquid Lip Color. I chose the Coloressence Baby Pink Liquid Lip Color, with the faintest most delicate pink, perfect for the season. Made of natural oils, it’s everlasting effect keeps your lips Hydrated and Healthy, and Not too Glossy.

photo 2 (1)

Light Nail Lacquer is perfect for the Summer. Light Blues and Coral Pinks are my go to colors for the season. No Brand really, just the colors.


Apart from braids and fancy updo’s, your luscious locks ought to get greasy in a while, Summer’s the season to sweat, but with the VO5 Refresh Me Quick Dry Shampoo, you ought to have great smelling hair, not to mention they’ll be slightly less Greasy.

Hair Shampoo

I like to wear perfume when I go out, and for the past three years, well, Marks’ Jasmine Infusion Perfume has never failed to please me. Perfect to wear on a Summer Night.


Healthy Cravings

A spritz of Lemon, A slush of Ice cubes, and a handful of Mint Leaves. My Lemon Detox in a Jar.

photo 1 (1)

Pulpy, Fresh and Handmade. The Classic Mango Smoothie. All you need is a fresh Mango, a dash of Milk, and a Mini Jar.


The Melons.

Why Watermelons and Muskmelons are a must, I ate them all, so none could pose for a picture.

Meg Cabot

If you haven’t read my post on my first Meg Cabot Book, you must read it https://jalatamelon.wordpress.com/2015/03/16/victoria-and-the-rogue/, you’ll realize that I’ll probably recommend this book for the Summer, it’s short, has exquisite Vocabulary, and a hilarious romantic plot twist.


Another one of her books, based in a Summery location, California, is Meg Cabot’s Mediator Series, I’m currently on the second Book, let me tell you one thing, Do not Judge This Book By It’s Cover.


I will be posting part 2 of this Blog Post very soon

Until Then Lovelies,

I hope you survive the Summer.