Summer Detox.

With the predicted highest temperature for summer going up to 49 degrees Celsius, and constant sunburns and increasing oily skin, Summer may not always be everyone’s cup of Tea. However, to prepare  yourself and myself mentally and physically, is essential, here are a few of my ways to detox your body and mind during the scorching heat of summer.

Buzzfeed Tasty’s Chicken Caesar Salad.

3 years ago the word Salad was never found in my food dictionary, however, thanks to my mum and subway (’s *healthy* fast food) I’ve discovered some incredible combinations for a perfect salad. Home made salads are a perfect meal for those hot summer days, keeping your body healthy and fit, and detoxing yourself from all that oily food. Here is one Salad that I have a serious relationship with, thankyou Buzzfeed.

The result….


(I added some extra cheese.)

Vitamin Water.

photo (1).JPG

Constantly tired of being nagged to drink water? Well honestly, water is necessary, but when you feel like having a slightly flavoured drink, Beltek’s WILD Vitamin water is really good, it’s mild flavour is really refreshing and perfect to drink after doing some sports and yoga.

The Natural Face Mask


Four Ingredients: Yogurt, Lemon, Cinnamon and Honey, and your face will glow like never before. This natural 5 minute face pack or two minute scrub clears your clogged pores and oily skin that makes your face feel fresh and healthy.

Light Fabric.


Most preferably cotton, light coloured and loose, breathable clothing is the best wearable for summer. It allows your skin to breathe, and protects it from the intense summer heat.

Sports and Yoga


If your sweating, make sure its because of the body heat due to your early morning walk in the park or the street or because of your yoga workouts. Honestly doing something strenuous really helps my mind and body gain mental empowerment and physical strength. Meditating, in fact, helps me persuade my mind to believe that the temperature is not too hot and saves me from sweating too much or feeling uncomfortable. Sweating during these workouts actually cleans your skin and gives it that refreshing glow.

Go for a swim

If I lived by a beach, I would go for a swim One of the best ways to have fun and mentally destress yourself is through swimming, just go for a swim.

(I dont really have a picture because my pool is empty due to the water shortage but this might just tempt you into swimming…)

Swimming Pool.jpg

And Lastly, drink lots of water, this is really important, water keeps you hydrated, refreshed, healthy, strong, beautiful, and breathing, so make sure you drink more than ten glasses a day.

Have a lovely Summer,






Winter, Special Edition ( D.I.Y Winter Jar )

For quite some time now, I’ve been having a huge obsession over jars. Yes, Jars. There’s so much you can do with them!

So over the past few weeks, I began pondering over how I can use Jars for this Winter, and then it struck me! Hot chocolate shots! a.k.a mini jars used as shots for hot chocolate. But however my plan seemed to fail, I did create a wonderful shots jar, but mother wouldn’t let me drink from it, ” You don’t know how toxic that paint might be.” she said, and of course, I had to obey.

But then that didn’t stop me from using the jar, as a lantern, a cake pops holder, or you could even stuff it with candy canes…<3 ❤ ❤


Essentials for this DIY:

I forgot to take a picture of my whitener, which is a major essential for this D.I.Y.  An old toothbrush, some recycled jars, metallic paints for the lust effect, lastly, a black marker to draw the snowflakes.





‘And Winter Smiled at me when I gifted her this Winter Jar.’

-JalataMelon ❤

Winter Inspired D.I.Y Room Decor+Essentials ;)

The Winter’s inspired me to do many things. From the past few days, ever since I’ve fallen in love with Winter, I’ve been desperate to transform my room into a “Winter Wonderland”. Of course I couldn’t decorate it to perfection, You know the saying “Imperfection is Beauty…” ;). But Anyways, Here it is! I finally published it.  (Not to mention Michael Buble’s cover of “Winter Wonderland” definitely inspired me, and got me in the mood 😉 ) So here it is, the best DIY Room Decor to transform your room into a lovely Winter Wonderland, and of course, this season’s essentials 😉

FairyLights (Essential+DIY)

Can I just say, I have been obsessed with these things for weeks, and I finally bought them. They’re pretty cheep if you get them by the store, I chose a warm color 😀 And It’s just ever so lovely.

D.I.Y Fairylights decor!

As a D.I.Y decor, I cutout snowflakes and spray painted them in silver and bright blue, and cut out circles from some white net, which were my fake snowballs, and hung them on my lights, just to give it a Winter Effect ❤

P.S I’ve been obsessed with Snowflakes alot lately.

Scented Oil Burners(Essential+DIY)

Scented Oil Burners <3

Am I the only fourteen year old teen whose obsessed with scented oil burners? They give this incredible dramatic effect which I love. I think the warmth of it’s candle and the scent just gives you the feeling of Winter.

D.I.Y Scented Oil

 My personal favorite is my own DIY Apple-Cinnamon scented oil. All you have to do is have some Apple scented oil and blend in some cinnamon, And light your candle, and there you go!

Read “Let It Snow” by John Green (Essential)

John Greene <3

Them teens have been fangirling about his books alot lately, so I chose this one for the season, and oh my, you should definitely read it. A very, very, very important Winter Essential.

The Winter Poster.(DIY)

I have no picture for this one because I want you to use your imagination and create the loveliest Winter Poster Ever. So here’s what you should do, make a poster, saying “Winter Wonderland” or “Baby it’s cold outside” or any one of those fancy shmancy quotes on Winter, and put it up on your wall. It’ll look gorge.

Scented Body Baths!!( A definite essential)

Body Baths <3

Who doesn’t love a good scented Body Bath? My Favorites for this season would probably be Olive Oil and Japanese Cherry Blossom from Bath and Body Works

Lastly, Hot Chocolate ^_^ (DIY+Essential)


So here’s the thing, I freaking love Hot Chocolate. It’s the best thing ever, and when it’s Winter’s, you’ve got to have it. I have a new post coming out soon as my Winter Special and last post for the series, which has DIY Hot Chocolate and another surprising DIY.. Can’t wait to post it 😀

So there it is!! The Ultimate Winter Room Decor And Essentials Post for the Winter Series of My Winter Wonderland, I hope you liked it! My first attempt at this kind of post 😀

Lots of warm love


Winter Wonderland.

Paper snowflakes studded the ‘Seasonal Favorites’ section in the library. The grass on the football field seemed more cold than usual, icy pricks that poked my bottom every time I sat on them. The taps gushed out ice cold water, while the morning seemed misty and cool. It was a Winter I yearned for months. Of course I’ve never experienced snow, or a hailstorm, which occurred once or twice in my absence. The sunlight was perfectly ‘lit’ and it just started to feel like winter.

Hi Lovelies, term break’s just started, and I’ve got a feeling its going to be a good winter. And here’s what you’ve got to do,which would certainly execute the term ‘Winterspiration”.

Winter “To-do list”

1.Drink lots of Hot Chocolate. ^_^

2.Make your room a Winter Wonderland.[which would include fairy lights and snowflakes].

3.Read “Let it Snow” by John Green. 😉

4.Jump in the pool.[don’t kill yourself]

5.Change your style, completely. [your hair/ hijabstyle, your outfits, and everything else]

6.Light scented candles. [A spice scented one would be nice]

7.Eat Potatoes.

8.Read Quran to keep you warm.

9. Watch  Disney Channel Original Movies with your besties. ❤


11. Study till your brains reach the ‘Freezing Point’

12.Start writing a book. Even better, write in your diary, or start writing in one.

13.Create a Blog [Heyyy!]

14.Do some crazy Workouts.

15. Take a Hot Bubble Bath. [With Cherry Scented Bubble bath Liquid..thingy]

“A beautiful sight,
We’re happy tonight,
Walking in a winter wonderland.”


JalataMelon ❤

Organizing a Cupboard of Precious Clutter.

Jalatamelon’s way of organizing the cupboard.

As usual, all of us keep our clothes neatly stacked on eachother, but a week later, we end up in a big pile of precious mess. Although I’m absolutely and 100% sure that I’m definitely no clean freak, but sometimes keeping things organized helps you immensely. So rather than ignoring my huge mountain of every clothe you can think of, and my nighties and school uniforms stacked like chunks of meat on a stick, and my headbands thrown into a cubicle like hoops and frisbee’s, I decided to arrange them in the coolest and easiest way to get them out and get them back in. During the three day journey of my hard work put into arranging my cupboard, I realized some easy ways to make it look and be tidy and efficient, in my own way. So here are a few T.I.P.S for arranging your cupboard, hope they help! (more…)