Jaded eyes.

Today I hold your hand, with regret for not seeing the fire that once burnt bright in your eyes

If I could go back in time

I would.

If I could, be a victim of your tantrums and your infuriated shoutings

I would.

If I could see you stand once again, with your upright posture and proud face

I would.

If I could sit in your basement home, and listen to your incredulous stories about your youth

I would.

If I could send you pictures of my growing stages, see your reaction to my stepping stones

I swear I would

If I could say goodbye to you without a heart filled with regret, perhaps I wouldn’t cry every time I see those jaded eyes,  knowing that I’ve seen you live your fullest life, with me by your side, but circumstances and circumstances, make me sit here weeping in shameful tears, on this blue night, wishing I didn’t have to say goodbye.



An Indian baby in the Canadian Weather

I put on the soft knit, pearl white sweater while I look out of my dorm room and sigh

It’s 8:00 am, and the skies are grey, the dry autumn leaves now drenched in rainwater

While I conceal my dark circles and put away the coconut oil

Coconut oil that’s become this hardened, thick, paste.

My foods don’t need a refrigerator anymore

The pleasant petrichor fills the air

And I walk towards the art gallery

With my shoes, because of course, who needs fancy slippers in the cold weather

In my soft knit, pearl white sweater

And I pause

There’s no cool breeze

A few drops of water vapour in the air

From the puddles of rain that fell last night

I feel the tiniest prick

And I look further

And there stands the sun.

I’m flabbergasted.

As I walk slower so as to not let myself sweat and destroy my perfect sweater

I get closer to the cafeteria and I..smell…is that?….sambar?

My brain tells me, it’s just the weather hun, you’re hallucinating


Oh I wouldn’t mind making coconut chutney out of the coconut hair oil I’ve carefully preserved on my shelf.

And now the sun pierces my skin

I am so foreign to this weather.

And I suppose so are Canadians, as they walk out of the subway station in their fur coats and leather jackets.

And for some reason, the background music in this office makes me feel like sitting in an Indian breakfast restaurant, while the waiters generously pour filter coffee into my cup

You only find North Indian food here.

Thick naan and Punjabi food.

Not that I don’t like it!

But, does anyone know what it’s like to be from the south?


I think I’m a tad bit homesick now.




Your eternal beauty.

Here I am

Cribbing about

the small things that have clouded my head with

anger and frustration and

unnecessary panic and lack of


There you are

amidst the chaos and unbearable

struggle. Unable to breathe you can hardly achieve

anything. Too many


And yet your heart finds joy in simply seeing me content and

being able to pray and believe and

loving your life so passionately

your face glowing so brightly


cannot believe how

ungrateful I’ve been.



Summer Detox.

With the predicted highest temperature for summer going up to 49 degrees Celsius, and constant sunburns and increasing oily skin, Summer may not always be everyone’s cup of Tea. However, to prepare  yourself and myself mentally and physically, is essential, here are a few of my ways to detox your body and mind during the scorching heat of summer.

Buzzfeed Tasty’s Chicken Caesar Salad.

3 years ago the word Salad was never found in my food dictionary, however, thanks to my mum and subway (shh..it’s *healthy* fast food) I’ve discovered some incredible combinations for a perfect salad. Home made salads are a perfect meal for those hot summer days, keeping your body healthy and fit, and detoxing yourself from all that oily food. Here is one Salad that I have a serious relationship with, thankyou Buzzfeed.

The result….


(I added some extra cheese.)

Vitamin Water.

photo (1).JPG

Constantly tired of being nagged to drink water? Well honestly, water is necessary, but when you feel like having a slightly flavoured drink, Beltek’s WILD Vitamin water is really good, it’s mild flavour is really refreshing and perfect to drink after doing some sports and yoga.

The Natural Face Mask


Four Ingredients: Yogurt, Lemon, Cinnamon and Honey, and your face will glow like never before. This natural 5 minute face pack or two minute scrub clears your clogged pores and oily skin that makes your face feel fresh and healthy.

Light Fabric.


Most preferably cotton, light coloured and loose, breathable clothing is the best wearable for summer. It allows your skin to breathe, and protects it from the intense summer heat.

Sports and Yoga


If your sweating, make sure its because of the body heat due to your early morning walk in the park or the street or because of your yoga workouts. Honestly doing something strenuous really helps my mind and body gain mental empowerment and physical strength. Meditating, in fact, helps me persuade my mind to believe that the temperature is not too hot and saves me from sweating too much or feeling uncomfortable. Sweating during these workouts actually cleans your skin and gives it that refreshing glow.

Go for a swim

If I lived by a beach, I would go for a swim every.single.day. One of the best ways to have fun and mentally destress yourself is through swimming, just go for a swim.

(I dont really have a picture because my pool is empty due to the water shortage but this might just tempt you into swimming…)

Swimming Pool.jpg

And Lastly, drink lots of water, this is really important, water keeps you hydrated, refreshed, healthy, strong, beautiful, and breathing, so make sure you drink more than ten glasses a day.

Have a lovely Summer,





Rustic Dark Chocolate Cake.

Ever had one of those days where you feel like Ratatouille and decide to do an experimental recipe of your own?

My craving for Dark Chocolate was due to the immense sweetness of the chocolates I had eaten for the past few days, I needed a very deliciously, dark, chunky chocolate cake.

And this is what happens when you have complete faith in your Ratatouille instinct.


Perfect with a mug of cold milk.

Here is the recipe:

  • 10 tbsp flour
  • 3 tbsp cocoa powder
  • 1/2 cup expresso
  • 1 egg
  • 100 grams dark chocolate
  • pinch of salt
  • pinch of baking powder
  • 2 tbs butter
  • how many ever dark chocolate chips you like.
  • a few cubes of dark chocolate

Preheat the oven to 180 degreees.

The method is very simple, melt the butter, expresso and dark chocolate in a pan, once completely melted and combined, set aside to cool. In another bowl, add all your dry ingredients; flour, cocoa, baking powder and salt. Whisk in the egg in dark chocolate, expresso and butter mixture. Pour the mixture into the dry ingredients, mix with a spoon, fold in the chocolate chips and cubes of dark chocolate, and spread in a round tin. Keep it in the oven for about 15 minutes, check with a skewer or a knife if the cake is baked.

Leave the cake for about 10 minutes to cool, then cut a large slice, the cake will crumble apart in chunks, serve with a mug of cold milk.


Please let me know if you baked a cake inspired from this post.






The Chimera

The Chimera was endless,

A trance that consumed my mind,

There was no clock, nor value of time,

Because I had entered into a world of Mine.

I Smiled.

For my soul could reach places I had never been,

Swept into the Illusion of my Happy Dream,

I reached another world, far beyond the galaxies of time,

My body swaying, to the endless Chime.