It’s 4 A.M

It’s 4 A.M

The constellations are screaming

Children are dreaming

The Almighty is listening.



detached thoughts on a windy night.

I stayed at my Day/ Residential school last week, and one night, we decided to sneak out, but my fears of the guards catching me and taking me mercilessly away to the authorities made me jump back inside the dorm. However, 3 seconds of jumping out and jumping in, gave me this incredible mind escapade. And with the past events of emotionally revealing incidents, my fingers were forced to type this piece of poetry.

I dipped my feet in the puddle reflecting the pale moonlight.

A sweet breeze and swaying trees caught my sight.


My heart beat fast, the crunch of leaves.

No one.

It was just me.

The roaring sounds of madness deafening my ear

and blinding my eyes.

My heart, beat

a faint, quiver of a beat.

My soul feeling meaningless and empty.

My feet numbly walking on dry earth as it repelled every step I took.

The wind pulling my eyes away from looking deep into my heart and brain

Searching for the incredibly annoying reality

Forcing my heart to hide in the corners of my rib cage.

admiring beauty, exhausting jealousy

Fading street lights helping trees claw constantly

At nothing


Look beyond what you See

Beyond what you see

You see?


Just to make it a bit more clearer , I’m currently in the mood for abstract poetry.

I’d like to know what your perspective of my poem is,

Please Comment Below 🙂

Happy Summer Break 🙂






The Chimera

The Chimera was endless,

A trance that consumed my mind,

There was no clock, nor value of time,

Because I had entered into a world of Mine.

I Smiled.

For my soul could reach places I had never been,

Swept into the Illusion of my Happy Dream,

I reached another world, far beyond the galaxies of time,

My body swaying, to the endless Chime.



*Beauty is Pain*

Her ringlets lay perfectly on her shoulder, her eyebrows were plucked to perfection.

“Tighter” she ordered,

The corset throttled her body, the threads once again pulled forcefully.

“Tighter” she ordered

And the corset perfectly fit her, her graceful figure shaped through a hard piece of cloth.

Her ribs were slightly bent, her lungs had a lesser space to expand.

But she was satisfied.

Her face was painted white, as white as the first snowfall of winter.

Her lips were stung to soreness, yet they stood out.

She fit her feet into shoes with heels, Her feet, slightly twisted, her heels, extremely elevated.

But she was satisfied,

She took a deep breath

But she couldn’t, for her lungs had no space

“Beauty is Pain.”

And she entered the ball.


Starry Pyjamas.

I woke up to a million eyes staring at me, a few lovingly, a few scared, and a few confused.

The dragon slithered in the room, he cackled.”I’ll help” he said, and grabbed me by my starry pyjamas and dropped me in the middle of a forest. A silent, eerie forest. I shut the book. Eragon I thought and sighed. “You’ve been bitten by a parasite”  I was told. “Is it the striped one or the normal one?’ I couldn’t help but ask. “You will stay here for a while, just until you get better”. I sighed, out of relief and of irritation. I would get help, but I would be bored, but my pain was unbearable. I thought of how ungrateful I have been, how a cramp can reduce me to tears while there are others suffering in worse ways.

Nevertheless, I knew my essentials. I grabbed my liquid potion, water. Clear, relieving,kind. A water bottle. You require one.

The night had been long, too many needles had touched my skin, my body was tired. I needed to rest, my stomach hurt the most, and so it was told.

I woke up, my neck slightly twisted, my eyes droopy. I felt funny, I felt queasy. The atmosphere was different, I found a parchment that helped me find out more. A parchment you will need terribly if you find yourself in a location unknown.

My lungs were filled with the cool air blown by machines. The gust of wind hitting the shut windows by my bed annoyed me, I decided I’d escape from the hospital for a while, and meet the million dragonflies waiting by the window to see me.

The dragon nudged me from underneath the bed again, I couldn’t help but enjoy the friendliness of the women who helped me, even though they poked me, and took blood out of me a numerous times. Ironically, they took out the blood gently. Let me tell you one thing. A definite essential is Chicken Soup and Confidence, no, not the book, actual Chicken Soup.

And lastly, Starry Pyjamas.