Edge of the Boulder.

I walked further and further away from my reality, searching for escape amidst my lost location. Mentally frantic and anxious, physically resisting the urge to run and shout, simply unable to find the missing puzzles of my soul. And I found the edge, the edge of infinite wonder. I stood at that edge and all I could see beyond me was a million shades of blue. A blend of the salty Kochi sea into the evening Indian sky. Unable to be more conscious of my surroundings, I slumped onto the ground and let my feet dangle at the edge of the boulder. My kimono drenched in saltwater and my jeans stuffed with sand while I could feel parts of my face and body being stung by the drying saltwater that I had jumped into. I tried to look beyond the sea and beyond every edge of the sea that waved in front of me. I could find nothing. I became restless and I kept looking but there was no edge. There was only the edge of the boulder, into an infinite pool of depth and danger. And I released my breath, my heart throbbing slowly as if I reached a climax and as if I fell on the ground I was pushed towards. I found a few curious faces appearing by my side to figure out why I was so overcome with emotions that my face was drenched with tears. It wasn’t the tears that would make the back of your head throb with pain and your nose clog with red veins clawing towards your pupil. It was tears of exhaustion after discovery. Tears of an end I long waited to discover. An end that explained the chaos of my mind, the restlessness of my brain and the dissatisfaction of my soul. An end quite contradictory to its purpose. An end only to lead me to a million new pathways. My hands pushed themselves on the rock and I got up, my feet leading me back towards where I ran away from. Striding to my reality with a light heart and a replenished soul.


Sunday Mandalas.

“Change is Inevitable,

and Love is Coexistent.”

A phrase that my heart beat when I was wondering why my increasing curiosity of self discovery had developed.

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Lonely Bus rides drive Reflective Thinking. (Pun Intented.)

Because I knew, that every day, there is a change.

A change that affects your Heart.

A change  that affects your Soul.

But a change that you decide, to accept, or decline.

And as change occurs, we drown our hearts with Love, because as hard as it may seem,

change is inevitable,

change will occur.

But Love assists Change.

Because Love is Coexistent.

And without Love, there is no Change.




The tall, flaxen-haired lord brought colour to Victoria’s cheeks – not to mention a flutter to her pulse. He was so handsome. What girl would not blush? And he was flirting with her!

As a young preteen, I often found myself sticking my tongue out at seeing books about love. Not that I am still quite alright with it. But growing up, my interest for reading books by Meg Cabot increased immensely, since my sister had a huge collection of her books, and specially after watching The Princess Diaries ( You have got to admit it, it’s one of the reasons why we teens fantasize about waking up as a princess one day), so a month ago, my sister and I were discussing about what books I should start reading, and she gave me a book, ” It’s called Victoria and the Rogue”, she said, “I’m sure you’ll love it”.

I few weeks later, I found myself addicted to the book. I stayed up till 1 AM trying to figure out whether  Lady Victoria Arbuthnot fancied her Fiance Hugo Rothschild who Jacob Carstairs, another handsome young man, who had his collars positioned extremely annoyingly low, considered him as a rogue, or maybe, just maybe, she has a chance of falling in love with Mr Carstairs himself, since, her cousin Becky told her Jacob must definitely fancy her. Does he?. But then again the moonlit proposal from Hugo Rothschild, the man of her dreams, did show his immense love for her didn’t it? Thanks Meg, you made me stay up beyond midnight even during School nights. It’s extremely thrilling and exciting I must admit, and also quite humorous, not to mention exceptionally flattering and it has the most romantic plot twist ever.

To all those fourteen year old’s who are just about to begin reading Meg Cabot’s Victoria And The Rogue, you will definitely love Victoria, and will be smitten by Jacob Carstairs.

-Lady JalataMelon.

Winter Wonderland.

Paper snowflakes studded the ‘Seasonal Favorites’ section in the library. The grass on the football field seemed more cold than usual, icy pricks that poked my bottom every time I sat on them. The taps gushed out ice cold water, while the morning seemed misty and cool. It was a Winter I yearned for months. Of course I’ve never experienced snow, or a hailstorm, which occurred once or twice in my absence. The sunlight was perfectly ‘lit’ and it just started to feel like winter.

Hi Lovelies, term break’s just started, and I’ve got a feeling its going to be a good winter. And here’s what you’ve got to do,which would certainly execute the term ‘Winterspiration”.

Winter “To-do list”

1.Drink lots of Hot Chocolate. ^_^

2.Make your room a Winter Wonderland.[which would include fairy lights and snowflakes].

3.Read “Let it Snow” by John Green. 😉

4.Jump in the pool.[don’t kill yourself]

5.Change your style, completely. [your hair/ hijabstyle, your outfits, and everything else]

6.Light scented candles. [A spice scented one would be nice]

7.Eat Potatoes.

8.Read Quran to keep you warm.

9. Watch  Disney Channel Original Movies with your besties. ❤


11. Study till your brains reach the ‘Freezing Point’

12.Start writing a book. Even better, write in your diary, or start writing in one.

13.Create a Blog [Heyyy!]

14.Do some crazy Workouts.

15. Take a Hot Bubble Bath. [With Cherry Scented Bubble bath Liquid..thingy]

“A beautiful sight,
We’re happy tonight,
Walking in a winter wonderland.”


JalataMelon ❤